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Levigato motor for sectional doors

Garage door opener motor kits

Garage door opener motors

The main advantage of garage door automation is convenience, with a remote control you can open the garage door together with the garden gate and you don't have to get out of your car in bad weather.

Industrial door opening motors

In an industrial environment, automation is even more important because it can make production more efficient. A number of safety features can be installed during the motorisation process and can be fully customised to the user's needs.

Targo axle drive engine for industrial use

Alutech AluPro series industrial panoramic door

High speed Roger Brushless motor for push and float gates.

Sliding and float gate motors

Reversing motors

There are also many advantages to automating garden gates, for which we recommend the Italian-made ROGER motors. Brushless technology guarantees a long service life.

Wing flap motors

You no longer have to open the wing flap manually. Thanks to Roger's Brushless lever motors, maximum comfort is guaranteed. And safety is ensured by a wide range of accessories.

High speed Roger Brushless motor, for wing gates

Swing and articulated wing flap motors

Most popular accessories for gate openers

Alutech LM-L infrared photocell
Photocells LM-L

Small sizes
Relay output normally closed and normally open contacts (NC/NO)
Illumination of the work by LED
Stylish (modern design)

9.830 Ft

Roger Synus dual channel 433 Mhz remote control
Synus/2 remote control

Jump or fixed code remote control to operate 2 devices.

Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Code: Jumper or fixed code
Frequency: 433,920 MHz
Battery: CR2030 3V
Maximum range in open field: 150 m

8.801 Ft

Alutech SL-U flashing light
Signal lamp SL-U

Wide supply voltage
Operating mode with or without flashing
Built-in antenna
Supply voltage - 230 V
Mounting on horizontal or vertical surface

10.287 Ft

Roger R93-RX12A-U external dual channel receiver 433 Mhz
R93/RX12A/U receiver

Roger code external receiver.

Coding: code Roger
Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Number of channels: 2
Memory: 500 remote control code storage
Power supply: 12-24 V AC/DC

14.630 Ft

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