Protect your family and property from intruders or prying eyes

Varied design

A range of colours and shapes to fully match the owner's needs and property


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The benefits of roller shutter technology

ALUTECH roller shutters allow you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round, while protecting your family from intruders and the elements.

Alutech shutters on the balcony with anti-burglary function

Harmonious appearance

The finish is carefully quality-controlled to guarantee matching colour elements to ensure a harmonious look for your home.


Protection classes P3-P5 guarantee family and property safety.

Energy saving

Heat loss is reduced, so you can save on heating and air conditioning costs.

Alutech shutters on the balcony with anti-burglary function

PUR-PA coating

The roller shutter plate is coated with a two-layer polyurethane (called PUR-PA) coating that is abrasion and scratch resistant.

Programmable shutter automation

ALUTECH systems can be easily automated retroactively, so you can control all the shutters in your building at the touch of a button. You can even program the shutters to suit your family's lifestyle.

Escalator gates

Roller shutters not only provide protection, but also save space in the garage or even in front of the entrance.

Safety and security

Safety features in case of emergency


A practical solution for tight spaces, both indoors and outdoors

Durable solution

Resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations, high humidity and corrosion

Can be mounted in a variety of ways

The roller shutter box can be completely concealed in the wall, but can also be mounted flush with the wall and in a conventional way


Roller shutters protect your premises from unauthorised intruders. They can be easily installed on windows, doors or even display cabinets. And thanks to its choice of colours, it can harmonise with a wide variety of buildings.


Immunity classes P3-P4


24-hour protection for vitrines

Shade calculator

Use the calculator to plan the ideal blinds for you.

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High quality materials

Thanks to the aluminium profiles, the roller shutter will be lightweight, yet resistant and durable.

Wide range of colours

Our shades are available in a wide range of colours, from trendy anthracite to wood-effect.

Harmokinus appearance

All elements of the roller shutter systems will have the same shade thanks to the high quality coating.

Unique PUR-PA coating

It protects panels from fading, cracking and is also resistant to scratches.

Motorised roller shutters

You don't have to open and close the shutters manually, as there is also the option of automation, which makes the whole process as quick and convenient as possible.

Open your blinds while sitting on the sofa
1 remote control for shutters and gate
System can be automated in retrospect
Alutech shutters for balcony with anti-burglary function automatically controlled

Frequently asked questions

The price of the roller shutter depends on the size, the installation method, the type of profiles and roller shutter, the colour and the control.

The ALUTECH roller shutter colour range is divided into standard and extra colours.

Standard colours take on average 3 working days to produce, while extra colours take 21 working days. However, delivery times may vary depending on the number of blinds ordered and the delivery location.

Roller shutters for outdoor and indoor use are no different and the final cost depends on the parameters chosen: type of installation, size, profile type and box, colour and control.

Solutions for any purpose.

Technology and quality

Automated manufacturing processes

The ALUTECH group has automated the entire production mechanism, enabling them to produce products of the highest quality available.

Automated production process
Alutech customer service
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