An affordable solution

A durable solution that is easy on the wallet

Comprehensive protection

Resistant to intruders and weather conditions


Reseller network


Certified installers

A convenient solution for everyday life

Door mounted roller shutters increase the security of your home and help to maintain the temperature inside. By installing roller shutters on the doors as well as the windows, the overall effect will be more harmonious.
strong sun protection with Alutech roller shutters

Integrated management

To control window and door shutters, you only need 1 remote control.

Intrusion protection

Shutters mounted on the door provide additional protection against intruders.


Noise from the street will not disturb your pleasant rest or work.

strong sun protection with Alutech roller shutters

Solar protection

Door-mounted roller shutters provide additional protection from the sun, helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and protecting doors from fading.

Attractive design and ergonomics

Door-mounted roller shutters are available in a range of colour combinations, so it's easy to find the one that best suits your home. Thanks to its design, it offers a truly space-saving solution.


Door-mounted roller shutters are resistant to precipitation and temperature fluctuations, and also have extremely good wind-resistant properties

Lightweight and durable

Roller profiles are made of aluminium, so they are lightweight and durable compared to traditional solutions.

Light transmission

Thanks to the perforated profiles, even when the shutters are closed, they let in a minimum amount of light, so they do not completely darken the room.

Shade calculator

Use the calculator to calculate the approximate cost of your roller shutters.

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I need installation!

If you need an on-site survey and installation, contact our partners! If you need help choosing an installer, please contact our Customer Service.

Elegant protection for the front door

Those who have already bought Alutech products do not have to worry about the safety of their home, and can enjoy the harmonious look of a house thanks to the individually manufactured elements.

Motorised door mounted roller shutters

With door-mounted shutters, you don't have to open and close them manually, as automation is also possible, making the whole process as quick and convenient as possible.

Open your blinds while sitting on the sofa
1 remote control for shutters and gate!
A system that can be automated later!
Alutech shutters for balcony with anti-burglary function automatically controlled

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