An affordable solution

Standard models also provide a strong and durable solution

Weather protection

Sun, rain, wind and dust are no problem for Alutech roller shutters


Reseller network


Certified installers

Modern solution

Thanks to the blinds, the temperature on the balcony is comfortable all year round.
Protection from intense heat with blinds

Sun protection at home

Thanks to the roller blinds, your balcony won't heat up in the summer heat and you won't have to worry about your furniture fading in the sun.


It filters out noise from outside, so you can relax or work comfortably on the balcony.

Cosy atmosphere

Thanks to its perforated profiles, it lets in enough light to create a cosy atmosphere even when closed.

Protection against mosquitoes and sunlight with shutters

Two-in-one solution

ALUTECH roller shutters can also be fitted with mosquito nets, so when ventilating you don't have to worry about flying insects or flying dust.

Long life

High quality materials, PUR-PA coating and even foam filling guarantee a long life of the roller shutters.

Colour palette

In addition to classic black and white shades, our roller shutters are available in a wide variety of colours, from ruby red to wood-effects and the popular anthracite.

Practical solutions

We have designed our roller shutter systems with simplicity in mind. Even our mosquito net models have the net folded into the box, offering a more practical solution than traditional framed nets.

Alutech Prestige roller shutters

Energy saving

Shutters on the balcony reduce heat loss, so you can save on both heating and cooling costs.

Shade calculator

Use the calculator to plan the ideal blinds for you.

Need help?

Our customer service is available during opening hours (every weekday from 8:00 to 17:00) to answer any questions you may have, but we are also available by e-mail


I need installation!

If you need an on-site survey and installation, contact our partners! If you need help choosing an installer, please contact our Customer Service.

Motorised shutters on the balcony

You don't have to open and close the shutters on your balcony manually, as there is also the option of automation, which makes the whole process as quick and convenient as possible.

Open your blinds while sitting on the sofa
1 remote control for shutters and gate
System can be automated in retrospect
Alutech shutters for balcony with anti-burglary function automatically controlled

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