Energy efficiency

Protects the loading ramp from atmospheric precipitation and wind, reduces noise

Easy installation

The prefabricated structure of the pre-silo allows quick installation


Extensive reseller network


Certified installers

Advantages of loading ballast sluices

The ALUTECH loading ramps are placed in front of the warehouse or workshop, thus forming independent loading ramps, which, thanks to their enclosure, protect the goods from heat and precipitation.
Alutech loading ballast valves

Reinforced construction

The two cable extensions on the top provide additional rigidity and stability to the structure.

Easy to install

The prefabricated design of the ballast sluice eliminates the need for welding and allows for quick and convenient installation on site.

Saving on heating

Can also be fitted with sandwich panels, where the 45 mm panel thickness ensures optimum thermal insulation. Available with micro-ribs and S-ribs.

Weather protection on loading ramp sluices

Weather protection

The roof, placed at a 5° forward angle, ensures even drainage of the feed sluices. The side skirts divert the water flow away from the platform during rain and protect the overflow zone from precipitation.

Unique design

We offer a standard colour palette for painting your sluice gate cladding, so you can choose the right colour to match the facade and style of your building.

Unique design

On customer request, ball valves with a basic height of between 900 mm and 1400 mm can also be supplied.

Wide range of colours

The cover of the inlet valves can be custom painted according to the RAL palette to harmonise with the company image.

Durable coating

Two-component painting and pre-sandblasting of metal parts ensures the corrosion resistance of the product.

Frequently asked questions

When ordering an ALUTECH DH refill stand with profiled sheet or sandwich panel cladding, the standard delivery kit includes wall-mounted rails with low spray on the side of the platform, roof and wall joint frame corners. These elements provide reliable draught and rain protection.

When designing the loading ramp, it should be borne in mind that the length of the space required for manoeuvring and parking the truck should be twice the length of the truck, with a width of two metres. Most road trains equipped with trailers are limited to a length of 18 m. So an 18 m long lorry must have free space on a 38 m long ramp.

If this space is limited, the workflow can be organised by securing the pallet truck at an angle .

The ALUTECH DH refilling platform with sandwich panels provides excellent sealing and thermal insulation of the refilling station. It protects personnel and equipment from precipitation and other adverse weather conditions.

A profiled plate is placed over the sandwich panels on top of the hallway to prevent water from entering the room where the panels intersect.

Rainfall removal is also ensured by the 5° forward slope of the roof of the vestibule and the guttering.

Refilling lobbies can be located close to each other. However, such a decision to park trucks next to adjacent columns may cause difficulties for warehouse staff and the transporter when opening the body and cab doors. Therefore, it is recommended in the design to have a minimum distance of 4000 mm between the axles of the transhipment columns . This will ensure unobstructed and convenient opening of the truck body doors and cab doors for free access by the driver.

The benefits of working with ALUTECH

Short production time

Production and delivery from Belarus in up to 4 weeks, depending on the type of product.

10-year guarantee

Extended warranty against corrosion for ramp levellers and ballast ramps.

Warehouse programme

All the elements you need to build an efficient warehouse! Whether it's an industrial door, a ramp or security equipment.

Competitive price

As we are able to carry out the entire production, we offer you very competitive and flexible pricing.

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