P3-P4 anti-burglary grilles for increased security


The large aperture grilles ensure a comfortable view at all times, while also providing protection




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The advantages of ALUTECH roller shutter grilles

ALUTECH roller shutter grilles help reduce heat loss from your property, so you can ensure a comfortable indoor temperature all year round, while providing extra protection against intruders.

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High quality

All roller shutter grilles are made of high quality aluminium, which makes them resistant to corrosion, all weather conditions and UV radiation.


Protection classes P3-P4 guarantee family and property safety.

Strength and stability

Thanks to the reinforcing profiles, the roller shutter grille is more rigid, thus providing greater security.

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Lift protection

Thanks to the special locking profile, the grille cannot be lifted by unauthorised intruders.

We adapt to your needs

We tailor the roller shutter grille to the needs of our customers, offering a choice of three different hole sizes depending on the security class.

Escape hatch calculator

You can use the calculator to design the ideal roller shutter grille for you.

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High quality raw materials

Roller shutters with aluminium profiles are lightweight, yet strong and durable.

Wide range of colours

With more than 10 different shades to choose from, you can create the perfect harmony for any building.

Corrosion resistance

The quality of the coatings complies with the Qualicoat and Qualanod international standard systems.


Depending on the anti-burglary requirements, different reinforcing profiles can be combined with the grilles.


Thanks to ALUTECH motors, we can simplify the opening and closing of our roller shutters by controlling them at the touch of a button. In addition to the convenience features, you can achieve even greater protection.

Open your blinds while sitting on the sofa!
1 remote control for shutters and gate!
A system that can be automated later!
Automation options for ladder grilles

Frequently asked questions

The fundamental difference between the two types is the purpose of the installation. Grille systems, compared to traditional types, are of a much higher security class, so their main function is to protect your valuables. Traditional roller shutters mainly protect against the weather and only provide a basic level of intrusion protection.

The roller shutter grilles are of anti-burglary class P3-P4 according to GOST P 52502-2012. In addition, there is a special solution in our range, which has a P5 certificate, i.e. it can withstand a hurricane.

Yes, it is possible with ALUTECH engines. By automating the shutter grilles, you can open all the grilles instantly at the touch of a button, but also custom programming is possible, according to the user's needs.

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100% quality control

Continuous and comprehensive monitoring plays an important role in the ALUTECH Group, ensuring that the best quality products are always produced.

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