Unified style

With roller shutter doors, you can easily create a style on your garage that matches your windows


Whether it's rain or strong winds, roller shutters protect your garage


Resale network


Certified installers

A practical solution

Thanks to its compact design, the roller shutter garage door can also offer a solution for garages with limited space

automatic Alutech roller shutter gate with four-channel remote control

Simple control

Our roller shutter doors can be operated conveniently in any situation, because you don't even have to get out of your car, you can open and close your garage at the touch of a button.


Prestige series roller shutters meet the P3 burglar resistance class

Wind resistance

The roller shutters do not deform even under wind load

Barrier detection system for Alutech roller shutter doors

Obstacle detection system

The automated roller shutter doors are equipped with an obstacle detection system, so you can not only protect your garage door from damage, but also protect your loved ones from a possible lock.

Thermally insulated

Roller shutter garage doors are resistant to temperature fluctuations, wind and precipitation, making them ideal for unheated garages. ALUTECH systems thus create optimal conditions for car storage and maintenance.

Additional options

Additional ventilation profiles ensure air exchange and also provide a partial view from the garage.


Thanks to the infill material between the profiles, our shutters are excellent at filtering sound from the street.

Wear resistant Alutech roller shutter gate


Our roller shutter garage doors have a special coating that protects them from wear, scratches and cracks.

Harmonious appearance

ALUTECH products are always manufactured according to our customers' needs, so we are able to produce custom sizes and colours. This allows us to make even our detached garage harmonise perfectly with our home.

Motorized roller shutter garage doors

Shutter garage door automation allows you to manage your garage doors with ease. No need to get out of your car in snow or rain to open your garage, you can do it with the push of a button.

Open your blinds and gates from the comfort of your car
1 remote control for shutters and gate
System can be automated in retrospect
Automatically controlled Alutech roller shutter gate
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