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The advantages of panoramic gates

ALUTECH panoramic doors provide full transparency, not only allowing more light into the building, but also perfect for product display, while providing maximum security.

Alutech industrial panoramic doors provide a modern look

Maximum visibility

Glazing for gates up to 3 m wide

Spring life

The springs are designed for 25 000 opening and closing cycles, so they are guaranteed to work for 17 years

Energy saving

Thanks to the insulated panoramic elements, you can also save on lighting and heating costs

Alutech industrial panoramic doors in a wide range of colours


The panoramic doors are also available in several colours to perfectly match your company image

Attractive appearance

The profile is made of aluminium, which guarantees not only high quality but also a clean and modern look

Panorama gate calculator

Use the calculator to help you design your ideal panoramic door.

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Wide range of colours

More than 10 shades are also available for the panoramic doors, making it easy to find the right match for your building

High quality

The special polyurethane coating protects the door leaf from cracks, scratches and fading.

Unique combinations

Practical combination of panoramic and sandwich panel elements

Automation of panoramic doors

We also offer motors for the panoramic gates. Automation not only makes operation easier, but also increases the life of your gate.

Easy to use, time-saving
Increases the life of the gate
Industrial door automation with four-channel remote control

Frequently asked questions

ALUTECH panoramic doors use transparent acrylic inserts to fill the openings, which remain transparent for a long time.

ALUTECH is a supplier of extruded Plexiglas for panoramic doors with a 10-year warranty:

  • optical properties (light transmission 92%);
  • linear dimensions and nominal thicknesses;
  • physical and mechanical properties, namely: tensile strength, elongation at break, impact strength.

Technology and quality

High quality

  • High quality raw materials
  • Advanced technology
  • International quality certificate
Quality guarantee of Alutech products
Alutech customer service
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