The doors comply with international safety standards EN 12604 and EN 12453


With a wide range of base colours and digital printing, your garage doors will always look harmonious on your house.


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Specific properties of sectional garage doors

ALUTECH's sectional garage doors are designed with safety in mind in every respect, making them easy for anyone to operate. Quietly and thanks to the careful design, the insulation of the panels helps to increase the energy efficiency of your house.

Alutech targo industrial sectional garage doors


5 panel types
10 basic colours and 3 wood effect shades
Custom production of any RAL and DB colour
30 digitally printed wood and stone effect patterns
Any unique image and pattern can be realized thanks to digital printing

Spring life cycle

With 4 opening-closing cycles per day, the springs are guaranteed to work for 17 years, which means 25 000 cycles.

Energy saving

With a well-insulated garage door, you can reduce heat loss and save on heating costs.

Safe Alutech sectional garage doors for children

Safe operation

All the protection mechanisms, such as finger pinch protection, are standard features of our doors. They comply with EN 12604 and 12453 standards.

Thanks to the special multi-layer coating, your sectional door will keep its appearance for many years

0.4 mm steel, 16 μm zinc, Polyurethane 14-16 μm primer, PUR-PA 20-25 μm, UV ink, Polyurethane varnish

Sectional garage door calculator

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High quality

Decorative colouring of the panels is done by special printing

Wide range of colours

10 basic colours and 3 wood effect finishes, but also custom RAL and DB shades available

Custom prints

With digital printing available for the Prestige range, the only limit is your imagination

PUR-PA coating

The 20-25 μm PUR-PA coating protects the gate colour from premature fading

Automatic sectional garage door control

Automated system

Motorised control of sectional garage doors is also possible, and we offer fast and reliable motors to make your use more convenient.

A time-saving, convenient solution
Increases the life of the gate
Automatically controlled sectional garage doors

Frequently asked questions

With ordinary garage doors, it is easy to get your finger caught between the panels when opening and closing. ALUTECH doors have a special panel design that leaves only a minimal gap, so even a child's finger can't get between the panels.

With ALUTECH gates, anti-pinch protection is a standard feature on every series, so our customers are always protected.

The sectional door panels consist of an outer and inner steel plate with a heater between them. It is possible that the steel plates are not joined together. The presence of a connection between the steel plates is called a "cold bridge".

But there is a downside to this solution - the steel plates form a solid closed loop. And this has a significant advantage - protection against fouling. We explain that when the gate is lowered, the bottom panel presses against the top like a wedge, and this forms a closed loop that does not allow the panel to expand under load. Ie Thanks to this configuration, the shape of the panels remains stable. As a result, the gates retain their original appearance, have high resistance to vibration and wind loads, and are protected from settling during the entire life of the gates when they are closed suddenly. This is the design of ALUTECH gate panels. Incidentally, a similar panel design is used by many European door manufacturers. And we are talking about manufacturers, including those from Northern Europe and Scandinavia,

Although the single "cold bridge" panel is slightly warmer than the closed circuit panels, it is worth bearing in mind that the thermal insulation of the door is a complex indicator. It is influenced by the thickness of the sections, the design of the material and seals around the perimeter of the door, the density of the door in relation to the opening, etc.

For Trend doors, the thickness of the guide profiles is 1.2 mm and the thickness of the corner posts is 0.8 mm. At the same time, the Trend gate frame is the most durable on the market. The required level of rigidity is achieved through several technological solutions:

  • 2 mm thick corner brackets with reinforcements, installed on every 50 cm of the corner post;
  • The corner post profile has a special shape of stiffeners;

Such an integrated approach guarantees high strength characteristics.

The reliability of the construction of Trend doors is proven by tens of thousands of customers from CIS and EU countries and is based on real successful operating experience.

We do not recommend the installation of gates in dark shades on the sunny side of buildings. It is a well-known fact that dark colours "attract" the sun, and as a result dark surfaces are much warmer. Garage doors are no exception to this rule, if the temperature is consistently 40°C or above, a significant temperature difference between the inside and outside of the panels can occur, which can reduce the life of the panels and even lead to deformation of certain parts.

If the dark colour of the gate is in keeping with the façade of your building, we recommend ordering reinforcing profiles for your gate. This is particularly true for gates with a width of over 3.5 metres. Reinforcing profiles can also be useful if your door is exposed to high wind loads, but are also popular in regions where the ambient temperature is low but the garage is heated.

A kapulap leszakadás elleni védelem a torziós vagy húzórogók leszakadása esetén védi meg a kapulapot a leeséstől. The protection mechanism is different for different spring types.

The tension springs are equipped with 2 springs of different diameters, 4 in total. If one of the springs breaks, the other three will have enough load capacity to hold the goalpost in place, and the broken spring will not fall out of place causing possible damage.

In the case of torsion springs, a special ratchet switch protects against detachment. If the spring breaks, the clutch immediately stops the movement of the spring shaft, which also blocks the movement of the gate.

The ALUTECH gates are equipped with gate leaf fall protection as a standard accessory, also for gates equipped with tension and torsion springs, without extra charge. Such protection mechanisms comply with European safety requirements EN12604 and 12453.

Once the gates are installed, they must be accepted - to appreciate the work of the installers. This will ensure there are no unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Its activities and evaluation criteria should be:

  1. Check the gate carefully - there should be no visible damage to the saw blade and all parts - scratches, dents, chips.
  2. Ask the installers to demonstrate the gate's performance - the gate should move smoothly and quietly, without jamming or jerking, both manually and automatically. Check the gate's performance by performing five "raise and lower" cycles of the blade.
  3. Raise the gate to about half the height of the opening and release it. The gate must remain in the same position. If gates are automated - they must be opened before inspection - they must be set to manual control mode.
  4. Lightly press the top and then the bottom panel on the outside of the gate. Make sure there are no gaps between the blade and the opening.
  5. Check that the protective film has been removed from the panels. If other finishing work is planned in the garage or on the facade of the building after the gate has been installed, remove the film no later than 7 days after the gate has been installed. This is really necessary, as the film will then adhere so tightly to the panels that it is virtually impossible to remove it without leaving a trace.
  6. Obtain the documents for the gate from the installation team representative: user manual and product passport, as well as a record of the installation date and the stamp of the organisation that carried out the installation.
  7. Check the door number on the passport against the number on the product plate (located on the inside of the door, on the second or third panel below). Correctly completed documents are the key to extending the installer and manufacturer's warranty on the door.
  8. Once a year during the operation of the gate, the dealer's representatives should be called to carry out servicing - this is a prerequisite for maintaining the manufacturer's warranty on the product. In addition, it should be remembered that timely service is much cheaper than repair. The servicing of the gate should be entrusted to qualified professionals - ALUTECH authorised representatives who are familiar with the characteristics of the gate design and have extensive experience in the field of installation and maintenance.

One of the advantages of sectional doors is their high thermal insulation and compactness, which allows them to be used regardless of the weather, region or season.

However, in the cold season, there are subtle differences in the way the gate works.

  1. During night and daytime temperature changes, ice formation is possible on the lower part of the gate when the meltwater is close to the gate during the day and freezing at night. In order to avoid damage to the bottom seal and to avoid interruptions in the operation of the electric drive, which tries to "break" the edges of the gate from the ice crust, it is advisable to take only a few minutes to clear the ice before lifting the gate. Use a non-rough tool to avoid damaging the decorative coating on the seals and sections.
  2. If the gate is equipped with a built-in gate and if there is a lot of snow, it is advisable to clear the space in front of the garage before opening the wing. This will make it easier to open the gate and prolong its life.
  3. Check that there is no ice in the guides, i.e. the way the cylinders move. The high humidity in the room can cause ice to form when cold air enters the garage when the door is opened. To keep the door working and running smoothly, the ice in the guides should be cleaned with a non-abrasive tool.
  4. Remove ice and snow from under the gate. When you open the gate again and again in this zone, a small layer of snow or ice can form, which only grows over time. The electric actuator detects this ice as a barrier. This leads to the release of the safety mechanism: when the gate comes into contact with the ice, the drive opens the gate and detects that it is in contact with foreign objects.
  5. In the event of heavy snowfall, the light must also be removed from the cells to avoid errors in their operation.

Following these simple tips will help prevent premature wear or malfunction of door components, while reducing operating costs.

Before measuring the opening, the level of the clear floor (zero point) must be determined. The best situation is when the gates are installed with a finished floor in the opening. All dimensions of the opening are determined from zero.

The opening should be measured from the inside of the room, as the gate is mounted on the inside surface:

The aperture is measured in 3 heights (extreme left, extreme right, centre) and widths (extreme top, extreme bottom, centre). When ordering a gate, you must specify the maximum size of the opening in width and height, these distances will be the individual dimensions of the future gate.
Emphasize that you must first specify the width of the opening, then the height of the opening in mm. For example, if the width of the opening is 3000 mm and the height is 2000 mm, then the individual door size will be 3000 × 2000 mm.

Also measure the jumper (at the extreme left, extreme right points, in the middle) and the side walls (at the extreme top, lowest points, in the middle). In this case, however, when ordering a gate, you must specify the minimum value of each parameter. Please note that the installation of the gate requires a minimum area of 100 mm for the lintel and 125 mm for the side walls. It is desirable that the height of the lintel is at least 210 mm, which will allow an optimal installation of the gate without additional margin, automating them both at the installation stage and afterwards. The lintel and the side parts must be free of communication (ventilation, water and heating). If these requirements are not met in the door, be sure to tell the representatives of the company where you intend to order the door.
You should also check the vertical position of the walls of the opening through the floors of the building. In the event that these surfaces of the room deviate from the horizontal or vertical plane by 1.5 mm/m, for a total of more than 5 mm, you will need to implement the opening (link to the corresponding question in this section).
These recommendations are basic. In order to take into account the specific characteristics of the opening and to choose the optimal product for your garage, we recommend you to contact the ALUTECH authorized representatives in your region.

Our monitors emit light from their screens, and the objects around us, including the image on the screen, reflect a spectrum of the light that falls on them. The human eye perceives emitted and reflected light differently, with the result that the same image on the monitor and on the screen will look slightly different.

There are also technical aspects that affect the colour display of monitors: individual settings, screen type (glossy or matt), manufacturer. Remember that the picture is different in a home improvement store when TVs are broadcasting the same programme one after the other.

In addition, our monitors have a resolution of 72-96 pixels (dots) per inch, and the resolution of the printed image is 150, 300 or more. It turns out that the dot on the monitor is much larger than the dot on the canvas.

So the same image may be perceived differently on the monitor and on the door panel.

In addition to its unique decorative properties, digital printing on Prestige doors is characterised by high resistance to the environment and mechanical stress.

Prestige sectional doors with digital printing have a general warranty of 2 years.

The door leaf is guaranteed against rust for 10 years.

Such high indicators are achieved by using high quality and proven materials:

  1. The production process uses high-quality ultraviolet ink from European production. During the photopolymerisation process, a special layer is formed on the sandwich panel, thanks to which the panel does not absorb the ink and the image remains bright and colourful for a very long time.
  2. The special varnish protects the image from ultraviolet radiation. Tests have shown that the image stays vibrant and contrasty for at least 10 years.

The varnish also protects the surface from mechanical damage and environmental influences.

This gives the Prestige range of doors a digital print with a bright, memorable finish, high quality and durability.

Digital printing is used for the Prestige series sectional garage doors.

The digital printing technology allows the panel to be coated with drawings: S - corrugation, M - ripple, L - wavelength, microwave and Filenka.

The panel embossing can be smooth (plain) or Woodgrain (woodgrain).

To achieve maximum image quality and clarity, the Alutech Group recommends the following panels for digital printing: M - corrugated, L - corrugated and plain (smooth).

Technology and quality

100% quality control

Our production processes are regularly monitored to ensure the best possible quality for our customers. At ALUTECH Group, we pay particular attention to maintaining a constant level of quality

Quality control guarantee for sectional garage doors
Alutech customer service
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