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Hydraulic ramp levellers

Ramp levelers adjust the gap between the floor of the cargo vehicle and the ramp of the warehouse, thus helping to provide unobstructed access to the loading equipment.


Nowadays, the leveller is an essential element of loading technology, as it significantly increases the loading speed.

Variable height

The ramp can always be adjusted to the right angle at the touch of a button, so it easily adapts to any vehicle.

Gate seals with gaskets

ALUTECH tarpaulin door seals with folding frame allow you to maintain the optimum temperature both in the warehouse and inside the vehicle. This prevents a sharp drop in temperature and ensures comfortable conditions for staff during loading and unloading.

Thermal insulation

Reduces heating and cooling costs in the building


Folding arms protect both the vehicle and the seal from damage

Front ramps

Loading ramps are designed to assist loading from outside the building. In addition, they can be retrofitted into a loading bay without demolition and construction, and are a space-saving solution compared to indoor ramps. With its various construction options, it also allows parking in tight spaces.


It not only frees up space in the building, but also allows parking in a confined space

Quick installation

No need to demolish the building facade or create a shaft for installation

Loading pre-charge valves

ALUTECH pre-sluices are widely used to form transfer points for an existing building. They can also be helpful in locations where vehicles only need to be parked at a certain angle.

Easy installation

The prefabricated structure of the pre-silo allows quick installation

Wide range of colours

You can match the colour of the cladding to your company's image, and we also ensure durability with our special painting process

They trust us

ALUTECH has built a reputation as a reliable partner and supplier of quality products. We focus on the needs of the market and constantly update our offer. That is why we are trusted by well-known companies in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries.