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Alutech sectional garage door

Sectional doors are not only resistant to intruders, but also to the weather, ensuring that the weather in your garage is always pleasant. In addition, the wide range of colours and patterns ensures that our customers have a door that is unique and in harmony with their property.

  • No corrosion of the panels thanks to the layers
  • Complies with international standards EN 12604 and EN 12453.
Alutech roller shutters

Alutech roller shutter gate

Shutter doors are ideal in cases where space in the garage is limited. However, not only can we manufacture the doors in different sizes, they can also be the ideal solution for any size opening.

Resistant material

The main material of the roller shutters is aluminium

Easy installation

A simple solution for garages with low ceilings

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Frequently asked questions

Sectional gates with tension springs have a maximum width of 3.5 m and with torsion springs a maximum width of 6 m.

The maximum width of the roller shutter doors is 7 m. The roller shutter doors are equipped with reinforced side locks and guide tires with wind anchors, so they can be installed in regions exposed to high winds.

Both types of doors have their advantages, but to choose the right type you need to take into account the garage's capabilities and the budget you want to spend.

Due to their insulation, sectional doors can provide the same thermal insulation as a 60 cm thick brick wall, making them ideal for heated garages. And the possibilities for the colour and pattern of the door leaf are endless, as any colour or pattern can be created thanks to digital printing.

The advantage of roller shutter doors is that they can be easily installed in low-ceilinged garages due to their small footprint. In addition to the smaller space requirements, they are also more affordable, so they can be installed on a small budget.

If you are not sure which type of door is right for you, please contact one of our colleagues who will help you with the selection and ordering process.

Installing a garage door requires professional knowledge, so we always recommend that you choose a professional for the installation. If you don't know who to turn to, the team at Motors for Gates can help you choose the right installer from our partners who are sure to do a quality job.

Please note that the guarantee is only valid if the gate is installed by a professional!

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