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Thermal insulation

Door seals allow heat leakage to be minimised, thereby reducing heating costs


ALUTECH door seals are manufactured from high strength and durable materials


Extensive reseller network


Certified installers

The advantages of tarpaulin gate seals

The foldable frame with arms protects the door seal and the vehicle from damage. The flexible roof and special design of the front profiles ensure that water runs off evenly along the edges of the door seal in the rain, protecting the goods from precipitation.
Alutech tarpaulin gate seals

Practical design

The PVC cladding between the front and back of the frame consists of three separate elements, a design that simplifies the installation of gate seals and reduces repair costs if one of the elements is damaged.

Thoughtful design

The foldable frame with arms protects the door seal from breaking if the driver makes a mistake while parking. Movable levers between the front and rear profiles of the frame allow the structure to be folded and returned to its original position.


The absence of screws on the front side of the front profiles eliminates the possibility of corrosion and gives the product a stylish appearance. The front PVC tarpaulins are pre-fitted with aluminium profiles, which, in addition to precision, ensure quick and convenient installation of the gate seals.

Corrosion resistance of Alutech loading accessories

Corrosion resistance

The anodised aluminium profile of the gate seal frames is not exposed to corrosion, so the structure remains attractive in long-term use.

High strength

The reinforced front PVC tarpaulins are 3 mm thick and have high abrasion resistance and tensile strength. They tightly cover the body of the vehicle when parked, providing the necessary tautness and protecting the cargo from temperature changes and precipitation.

Frequently asked questions

The warranty period for ALUTECH DSF Folding Door Seals is 2 years from the date of delivery of the product to the customer or from the date of manufacture if the date of delivery is unknown.

The total lifetime of the product is unlimited and depends on the conditions of use.

Continuous quality control at all stages of production - from the sourcing of raw materials to the final inspection of finished products - ensures that products of consistently high quality are produced.

If you choose an opening awning seal with a folding frame, ALUTECH DSF:

  • Make sure that the door is smaller than the size of the individual sealant. The maximum size of the opening must be at least 90 mm wider and at least 45 mm higher than the dimensions of the sealant ordered.
  • Note the presence of glasses or a hinged roof at the installation site. If the forklift is not parked properly, the front of the sealing frame will fold and lift. The canopy must be at least 150 mm from the sealant roof (for sealant 600 mm deep).
  • Compare the size of the vehicle with the size of the opening. Please note that the optimum overlap of the tents on the car body should be 150-200 mm.


For more detailed information on the choice of sealant for your ALUTECH opening and handling equipment, please refer to the technical solutions catalogue.

The standard ALUTECH DSF compartment seal design provides effective protection for cargo and crew against adverse weather conditions:

  • the slope of the upper ceiling with a 10° lead prevents the accumulation of precipitation;
  • the front profiles have protruding guttering to ensure drainage of water on the sides of the structure.

The effectiveness of an opening seal depends on the correct choice of its dimensions based on the size of the vehicles used.

For installations where only Eurotrucks are served, an ALUTECH DSF sealant can be used, which has the following characteristics:

  • height - 3400 mm;
  • width - 3400 mm;
  • depth - 600 mm;
  • height of the upper tent - 1000 mm;
  • width of side awnings - 600 mm.

This solution ensures that the opening is closed and the cargo is effectively protected from adverse conditions.

Technology and quality

Say goodbye to rust!

Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to produce the highest quality coating for all our products. The special coating is resistant to mechanical and thermal stress, UV radiation and corrosion, so our products will last for years.

Alutech loading accessories stainless ply

The benefits of working with ALUTECH

Short production time

Production and delivery from Belarus in up to 4 weeks, depending on the type of product.

10-year guarantee

Extended warranty against corrosion for ramp levellers and ballast ramps.

Warehouse programme

All the elements you need to build an efficient warehouse! Whether it's an industrial door, a ramp or security equipment.

Competitive price

As we are able to carry out the entire production, we offer you very competitive and flexible pricing.

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