TREND tension spring sectional garage gate, garage door

The Trend Series torsion spring garage doors are economical and easy-to-use doors made of 40 mm thick panel with galvanized steel fittings, thus providing the optimum solution for the mildly cold climate. They comply with European specifications and include safety systems at no extra cost. The standard door package includes long-life springs - up to 25,000 open-lock cycles. The Trend Series doors are reasonably priced, safe and practical.

  • The sandwich panel thickness is 40 mm
  • The heat transfer coefficient is 1.08 W / (m2К) similar to a 55 cm thick brick wall
  • The roller brackets and hinges are made of galvanized steel
  • It can also be integrated in an arrow size larger than the order size
  • The door leaf is balanced by tensile or torsion springs
  • The maximum size of the garage door is 6000 x 3000 mm

Patterns, design

In 10 standard RAL color, 3 kinds of wood patterns


3 standard colors close to RAL 3  wodden effect colors


4 standard colors close to RAL 3  wodden effect colors


2 standard colors close to RAL 2  wodden effect colors


10 standard RAL -cloe color

Trend - Affordable, safe and reliable doors

Extensive installation options​
The Classic door frame and the cover plate can be used to position the door into the arrow, allowing you to install a standard size door into a larger hole.

These design elements are made of hot-dip galvanized steel with protective lacquer coating (standard - RAL 9016 in white). Upon request, the mounting frame and cover plate can be painted in the same color as the door leaf.
Protection against corrosion​
In heavy rain, water may collect at the bottom of the door. Plastic-based edges minimize the risk of corrosion even in damp environments, preserving the attractive appearance of the doors for a long time.
Long lifetime
A spring mechanism compensates for the weight of the door leaf, making heavy doors easy to operate manually. The springs have a lifetime of 25,000 open-close cycles. This equates to 17 years of use, calculated over 4 cycles daily.
With advanced technology and many years of experience in manufacturing, we manufacture doors with many advantages. Thoughtful design and high quality components make the Trend series doors attractive, reliable and secure for many years.
Effective security​
The torsion springs are equipped with ratchet brakes to prevent the door leaf from sliding down in the event of a spring break. This protection system, as a standard accessory, guarantees safe operation. ALUTECH / GUENTHER garage doors comply with European specifications EN 13241-1, EN 12604, EN 12453, EN12424, EN 12425, EN 12426.
Protection against big storm
With adjustable roller brackets it is possible to adjust the door leaf for rubber insulation. This protects against drafts and keeps heat. The distance between the door leaf and the insulation can be adjusted during installation and, of course, later during maintenance.
Quiet operation
Thanks to the roller bearings, the door runs smoothly and quietly. The ball bearings used in ALUTECH / GUENTHER doors are sealed and protected from dust and moisture. These reliable bearings make the rollers durable and do not require re-greasing.
Maximum spring strength
The ALUTECH / GUENTHER sectional door springs are capable of up to 25,000 opening / closing cycles, equivalent to approximately 17 years of use at 4 cycles per day. The springs can withstand 25,000 opening / closing cycles at no extra charge.
Wide possibilities without extra cost
ALUTECH / GUENTHER garage doors are custom-made for every customer at 5mm width and height increments. The wide range of panels and colors allows the customer to find the right door for every project. The Alutech Group offers 5 types of door leafs to its customers in a wide range of colors. Of these, 10 colors are available at no extra charge.
Fast quality service background, maintenance​
ALUTECH / GUENTHER not only produces quality doors, but also provides fast and reliable service. A wide selection of parts is available at Alutech regional offices for quick maintenance.


The glazing of the garage door ensures that natural light is introduced, thus saving energy. Moreover, the shapes also function as original decorative elements.
The windows can be installed in the following Classic and Standard garage doors:
  • Microwave
  • S-ribbed panels
  • M-ribbed panels
  • L-ribber panels
  • Cassette panels
Classic square window
Decorative split window
Decorative sunbeam frame
Classic circle window
Classic square window

Lock systems

Garages without an alternative entrance require a lock to open and close the garage door on both sides. It is also possible to connect an external device to the lock to release the electric drive. In the event of a power failure, this device can switch from electric to manual.

Bag garage Release​
In the case of an automatic handle or alternative garage without an entrance, an emergency release device is required so that the electric drive can be unlocked from outside the door in the event of a power failure. Our convenient and compact luggage release trigger simply unlocks automation for manual operation. Cable length - 4500 mm

Comfort and easy control​
Engined gates provide maximum comfort. The automatic gates can be opened and closed from the car with the remote control. This is particularly useful in case of bad weather (rain, snow).
Automation with the ASG Series (AN Engines) at a great price. Useful automation for limited resources. COMFORT x0 and COMFORT 2x0 (Marantec)
German quality available to everyone nowadays. From the world market leader, at really attractive prices.