Shutter gates AG/77

Product description
The shutter gate AG / 77 is the optimum solution for non-large openings with high sound and heat insulation requirements.

Tests at the ift Rosenheim test center prove that the AG / 77 roller shutter reduces the heat loss in the room and the ΔR thermal resistance is only 0.18 m²K / W.

The shutter gate AG / 77 has the following advantages:​
  • Double-walled foam aluminum sheets
  • The thickness of the aluminum plate is 0.49 mm
  • High quality two-layer coating in 17 most popular colors (eg wood color)
  • EV / 77W viewing window profile is possible
  • EA / 77 insight ventilation profile is possible
  • Aperture max. width 7 m

The shutter gates AG / 77 protect the garage against burglary. The view window and the vents provide light and fresh air. The wide range of colors allows the shutter gates to blend in perfectly with any exterior architectural design.