Shutter gate AEG 56

Product description
Lightweight, compact and tastefully designed, the AEG 56 is ideally suited to protect shop windows and entrances to small and medium-sized boutiques. Combined with double-walled reinforcing strips, a special design is achieved. The special AEG56F profile not only attaches the sheath to the shaft but also protects it from being lifted by unauthorized persons. Its twisting is compact.

On request, we can also provide additional features that, in addition to their indisputable economic benefits, support the aesthetic appearance of your home / office.

Designed for ALUTECH customers at their request, with oval micro perforation, it is ideal for protecting small and medium sized boutiques and entrances.

The AEG 56 roller shutter door offers the following advantages:​
  • Maximum size: 3000 mm width, 7.5 m2 surface area
  • Maximum size with reinforcing profile: 4500 mm width, 13.5 m2 surface
  • Transparency: 42%
  • Weight: 0.35 kg / m - 6, 20 kg / m 2 (AEg 30 / s reinforcement profile: 0.37 kg / m)
  • Case Size: 165mm, 180mm, 205mm, 250mm, 300mm
  • Shaft size: 60 mm, 70 mm, 102 mm