Marantec Comfort speed garage doors

Marantec Comfort speed garage doors

For all sizes: Whether small or large garage doors, marantec provides you with the right drive. We offer three types of high speed garage door engines: Comfort 260.speed, Comfort 270.speed, Comfort 280.speed

Features and Benefits:​
Proven security
All Marantec garage door motors comply with safety regulations supported by tests and inspections.
Fast operation
Unlike most garage doors, Marantec Speed ​​motors have approx. 50% faster operation (up to 235 mm / sec). Thanks to this, heat loss can be significantly reduced.
High energy efficiency
Comfort garage door motors are very economical, with a standby power consumption of only 4W.


Useful functions for intelligent and comfortable operation with Comfort garage doors.



LED lighting LED garage lighting
  Long lifetime
Save up to 90% on electricity
as opposed to traditional bulbs
Can be individually controlled by remote control
LCD display System and status information
Display error messages


  Customizable features for maximum comfort.
Automatic operation
Partial opening (ventilated)
Holiday Conversion (Optional)
Connection options
for additional accessories,
and expansion modules
Battery supply
Almost unlimited expansion options
Battery in case of power failure
Operációs rendszer:
EOS (Easy Operating System)
Icons indicate settings and functions
  Easy operation


Soft start and stop Quiet opening and closing.
Mechanical protection Reduced mechanical stress,
extended life.



Patented Force Restriction Reliable protection for you and your family.
Double burglary protection Prevents unauthorized access to the gate.
Unlocking External release latch.

Engine and accessories

Garage door motor with integrated control
Digital Radio Receiver 868 MHz Multi-Bit
2-channel 868 MHz Multi-Bit Remote Control
Mounting kit
Installation and operating instructions