Loading technology solutions

Efficiency. Reliability. Safety.

5 reason, why choose Alutech loader equipment

Tested quality
100% pre-shipment testing of each product guarantees reliable on-site operation.
10 years warranty
Ramp levelers and loading platforms offered by ALUTECH
have an extended warranty against rust.
Compliance with standards
ALUTECH's loader equipment meets the requirements of the European Union standards, as evidenced by the necessary certificates.
Immediate maintenance service
The loader equipment we offer is self-made and enables us to ensure the timely delivery of repair parts and the timely maintenance of equipment during and after the warranty period.
Comprehensive offer
Offering a wide range of ALUTECH loader equipment, our tailor-made approach allows us to find the best solution for your loading terminal.

An integrated solution for warehouses

The ALUTECH Group offers a wide range of equipment manufactured in-house, enabling the assembly of a fully functional ramp:
  • Ramp equalizers
  • Doors seals
  • Pre sluices
  • Industrial sectional gates
  • Automation systems
  • Additional equipment

ALUTECH hidraulic ramp equalizers

  • ALUTECH Hydraulic Ramp Compensators are an indispensable tool in warehouse logistics: they multiply the loading and unloading process, ensuring high throughput and efficiency.
  • Thanks to the wide variety of sizes and models available, you can find the right combination for your ramp assembly, taking into account the characteristics of the ramp.
  • Ramp levelers adjust the distance and height difference between the floor of the truck and the ramp of the warehouse, thereby facilitating unhindered access to the loader and assisting staff during the loading and unloading process.
  • The rugged design of the ALUTECH ramp levelers allows the equipment to withstand loads of up to 60 kN (6 tons).
  • Ramp levelers are designed to be mounted both inside the warehouse and as part of the loading platform in front of the building.
  • The two lifting rollers of the ramp leveler guarantee reliable and safe operation.

ALUTECH SL ramp equalizer with dump tongue

Technical information:​
Technical datas ALUTECH SL
Carrying capacity 60 kN (6 tonns)
Dump tongue length 400 mm
Number of main cylinders 2
The thickness of the ramp leveling plate 6/8 mm
The thickness of the ramp tongue 12/14 mm
Control unit power supply 400V
Operating temperature range of hydraulic oil between -15 °C és +50 C° 

Nominal size:​
Length, in mm Heigth, in mm Up (А) (mm) Down (В) (mm)
2000 600 265 295
2500 600 325 295
3000 700 390 290
3500 800 450 390
4000 900 510 390
4500 900 570 380
The nominal width of the ramp leveler is 1750, 2000, 2250 mm

The ALUTECH SL ramp levelers are designed for maximum slope level - 12.5% ​​(7º) in accordance with EN 1398.

Standard color options for ramp levelers:

Control System:

The standard package comes with a 400V CUL01 control unit.

Hidraulic oil
The hydraulic oil has an operating temperature range of -15 ° C to +50 ° C, while the equipment can optionally be supplied with oil up to -40 ° C.

Security systems
  • Emergency locking of hydraulic cylinders in the event of unauthorized vehicle abandonment
  • Shut down the hydraulic system when the power is turned off
  • Precautionary markings with black and yellow stripes
  • Foot required for service
  • Safety decals placed on the ramp leveler

Advantages of ALUTECH ramp levelers

Rigid and reliable construction
The surface of the ramp levelers is made of high-strength, lenticular corrugated sheet steel with a load capacity of up to 60 kN (6 tons). Steel thicknesses are 6/8 mm and 8/10 mm for SL and TL ramp levelers.

Steel grade: S235 according to EN 10025.
Protection against potholes
The longitudinal reinforcement of the ramp leveling upper plate by means of steel reinforcing plates provides protection against deformation, especially potholes.
Safe of the operation
The two main lifting cylinders of the conventional ramp leveler provide protection against movement (tilting the ramp leveler to the side) when the vehicle starts unexpectedly during loading and unloading.
Solid tongue
12 pairs of tilt hinges connect the tongue and the SL ramp leveling upper plate to each other to ensure structural strength.

- Ramp tongue thickness - 12 /14mm
(Corrugations / without).
- Hinge thickness - 12 mm.
- 2 separate galvanized bars.
Additional security functions
In the design of the SL ramp balancer, a special stiffener bar helps distribute the load between the support bar and the rear of the ramp balancer when the vehicle leaves prematurely, thereby ensuring the reliability and safety of the equipment.
Durable coating
Two-component painting and pre-sandblasting of the metal parts of the ramp leveler ensure the product's corrosion resistance.
The ALUTECH ramp leveler comes with an extended 10-year warranty against rust (perforation) corrosion.
Tested quality
100% pre-shipment testing of each product at a special stand guarantees reliable operation on site. During the output phase, the operation of the ramp compensators is tested over 10 operating cycles.
On-site repair
Screw mounting of the support rod facilitates on-site battery replacement in case of damage.

Special options for ALUTECH pullers

The sloping ramps (2х125mm) are suitable for trucks with a narrow platform.
The side segments of the tongues (2x125 mm) and telescopic tongues (2x140 mm) allow the service of vehicles of different widths.
The telescopic tongue of up to 1000 mm TL ramp leveler provides maximum insulation of the loading area when the ramp leveler is located in front of the door.
In winter, it is recommended to use hydraulic oil in low-temperature regions up to -40 ° C. This ensures trouble-free operation of the equipment in harsh climatic conditions.
At the customer's request, ALUTECH ramp levelers can be painted in any color according to the RAL catalog to suit the company's style.

ALUTECH ramp equalizer modells

The ALUTECH ramp leveler offers four models: Basic (S), Welding (W), Concrete (C) and Box (B).

The choice of the most appropriate model depends on the stage of construction and the characteristics of the installation.

S model
The S-model ramp leveler is the most popular model due to the fact that it is easy and convenient to install after construction work. The basic S-model ramp leveler can be used when old equipment is replaced due to its self-supporting frameless design.

Advantages of the model:
- can be installed after completion of construction work;
- space for lifting tailgate;
- very competitive price.
W model
Unlike the S model, the ramp leveling model W has a frame structure that provides additional rigidity. The ramp leveling frame is welded to the corner of the stack along the stack design and positioned at the same level as the final floor level.

Advantages of the model:
- simplicity and ease of installation;
- can be installed after completion of construction work;
- space for lifting tailgate
C model
The ramp leveling model C is installed in the warehouse before the final floor level is cast.
The ramp leveling frame has special anchors that allow the ramp leveler to be adjusted. The adjustable height can be up to 100 mm. The self-supporting frame is easily mounted in the stack for quick and comfortable mounting.

Advantages of the model:
- possibility to adjust ramp leveler;
- possibility of installation before final floor leveling;
- space for lifting tailgate.
B model
The frame of the ramp leveling model B forms a kind of closed box that allows the ramp leveling device to be installed in the early stages of construction. The boxed model reduces ramp assembly cost and time by eliminating stack preparation. The closed frame prevents concrete from entering the ramp screed where its main mechanisms are located.

Advantages of the model:
- no stack preparation is required;
- be used in the early stages of construction;
- space for lifting tailgate.

ALUTECH tarpaulin door seals