Industrial Garage Doors 707, 709

For the safe protection of your business and warehouse space, we recommend the 707 Functional Industrial Gates, which ensure trouble-free daily entry and exit of vehicle traffic. They have excellent heat and sound insulation properties. Special temperature-resistant EPDM insulations ensure wind and moisture protection.
  • The wide range of sizes allows the gates to be used in any object. The gates are 7500 mm wide and 8000 mm high We can supply gates that exceed the standard size according to the needs of our customers.
  • The gates are made of 45 mm thick sandwich panels, which provide excellent sound and heat insulation.
  • The standard equipment of the gates includes rollers made of stainless steel, which guarantees for many years the perfect appearance and operation of the gate.
  • The 10 types of fill variants allow the 707 type gates to be used in rooms with a variety of structural parameters.
  • They fully meet the requirements of European standards for the safety of goods. The gates have a complex protection mechanism that prevents the gate leaf from moving and falling uncontrollably, pinching, tearing and squeezing.
  • More convenient operation thanks to the rich choice of automatic systems and the possibility of incorporating shaft drives.
  • Custom torsion springs balance the weight of the door leaf so that it can be opened and closed easily by hand.

Fitting types

It is important to choose the right fitting type to make the most of the space. The type of hardware is determined by the arrangement of the rails and torsion springs, depending on the parameters of the room and the opening.

Practical technical solutions ensure maximum functionality of the gate:
  • Standard gate fitting is the most common version for installation. Here the shaft is located above the gate leaf and the gate opens at right angles
  • For low bridging fitting, the balancing mechanism is located behind horizontal running rails
  • Standard fitting Low bridging fitting
  • Elevated and vertical fitting types allow horizontal paths to be installed in high ceilings.
    Reinforced fitting with lower shaft Reinforced fitting with lower shaft Elevated roof tracking fitting with upper shaft
    Vertical fitting with upper shaft Vertical fitting with lower shaft  
  • The best solution for tent roof rooms is the tracking fitting type.
    Roof tracking fitting Low roof trap opening Elevated fitting with upper shaft
Each object is unique, so we offer high-tech solutions that are optimized for a wide variety of gate openings. Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of technical development, we are able to take into account all the features of an object. Detailed information on the different hardware types is given in the technical documentation.

Panel types

Due to its long service life, industrial gates retain their perfect appearance for many years. For this purpose, 707 gates have microwave and woodgrain panels. The robust construction easily withstands minor mechanical impacts. Even scratches remain almost invisible.

The standard color palette of the panels includes 8 RAL shades:​

Picture white
(RAL 9016)
(RAL 8014)
silver metal (RAL 9006) grey alumínium (RAL 9007) moss green (RAL 6005) blue (RAL 5010) white-grey
red (RAL 3000)
Microwave + + + + + + + +

The texture of the outside of the panels is S-ribbed, with a smooth surface, white-gray (RAL 9002). On request, the inside and outside of the gate can be coated with all colors of the RAL color palette.


Thermal insulation​
Do you want to reduce energy consumption while maintaining a constant room temperature? The 707 gate fulfills its purpose. Alutech Industrial Garage Doors have excellent thermal insulation:
  • The 45 mm thick sandwich panels use dense polyurethane filling

  • Special EPDM insulating rubber, located between the gate panels, prevents wind and moisture
  • The gate is insulated in a circle to insulate the opening

Corrosion protection
The structure of the sandwich panels provides multiple protection against corrosion: the steel sheet is zinc coated and the sealing primer and decorative polyester blanket are applied.

Minden jó minőségű tartozék korrózióálló anyagból készül. A kapu standard készlete rozsdamentes acélból készült zsanérokat és szögvasakat tartalmaz.

Nem számít, hogy milyen nagy a nyílás vagy milyen nagy a kapu, a működése minden esetben teljesen biztonságos. A 707 típusú kapu szerkezete biztonságot garantál Önnek:
  • The structure of the panels prevents pinching of fingers from the outside and inside.
  • An energy chain prevents the cable connections from twisting or breaking.
  • If there is an obstacle in the movement area of ​​the gate structure, light barriers prevent the movement of the gate.
  • The standard rope break safety stop stops the door leaf from moving in the event of a spring break or rope break.
  • Induction protection prevents people from being lifted. In this case the gate stops automatically.
  • Optical sensors provide protection against jamming: when the gate hits the smallest obstacle, it stops immediately and moves back a bit.


Built-in access door​
A built-in access door allows access to the gate without the entire gate system having to be moved. It is sensible to have a 20 mm threshold door that is low enough to prevent people from tripping on the one hand and using smaller means of transport to pass through easily. A built-in walk-in door usually extends the duration of the gate, reduces heating costs and maintains a comfortable room temperature.
If enough space is available, a side door can be a good solution. There is no threshold and small things can be moved easily and conveniently. The uniform design of the door and gate also gives a harmonious look.
The windows in the gate leaf provide sunlight and transparency for business and storage areas. The window is an important design element due to its various forms. Rectangular windows highlight the exterior architectural forms, while oval windows give the building gentleness and tranquility.

Ventillation grilles
Ventilation grilles provide fresh air supply and a comfortable microclimate in the room. The openings differ in size and shape. The following types are available:

Aluminum window panels create perfect conditions for daylighting We offer a large selection of such panels.
Set for high humidity rooms​
A special kit is available for car washes and other high humidity areas. It consists of galvanized and powder coated elements and stainless steel accessories and is guaranteed to protect the gate from corrosion.
Automatic operation​
Automatic operation makes gate operation convenient and safe. There are many accessories available for this: electric ceiling drives, control panels, remote controls, optical sensors and much more.
High-tech solution - Axle drive
Standard torsion axes can only be used up to a certain gate size or weight. Therefore, we have developed a special shaft drive which has good corrosion protection and eliminates the risk of spring breakage. Particularly suitable for frequently used gates or car washes.