Industrial garage doors Proplus

Product description
ProPlus sectional doors are characterized by excellent performance, reliability and safe operation. The intensity of operation of industrial gates is usually very high. That's why ProPlus sectional doors are manufactured using reinforcing accessories and high-quality materials to ensure long-term safe operation of the structure.

Main features of ProPlus type doors:​
  • Standard sizes: max. 8 m wide and 7 m high.
  • We also produce gates that exceed the standard dimensions on request.
  • Energy efficiency: ProPlus gates are made of 45 mm thick energy-efficient sandwich panels and the panels fit well into the opening. Frost protection EPDM insulation around the gate and between the panels. This provides particularly good thermal insulation.
  • Extended Basic Equipment: Consists of stainless steel intermediate hinges and angles that have good corrosion resistance.
  • The springs are designed for 25,000 lifting and lowering cycles. The lifetime of the springs can be increased to 35,000, 50,000, 75,000, or 100,000 cycles, according to customer requirements. This ensures the smooth operation of the gates for many years.
  • Operational safety. The sandwich panels of the ProPlus type gates are equipped with an anti-pinch protection and additional equipment that prevents the gate leaf from falling in the event of a spring break or rope break.
  • Various options and accessories are available: integrated walk-in door, side door, panoramic windows, windows, ventilation grille, automatic systems, etc.

Fittig types

In order to optimize the interior space, it is important to select the appropriate hardware type for sectional doors and determine how the torsion springs and rails are positioned in relation to the room and aperture parameters. Alutech offers 10 types of hardware:
  • The standard fitting for the gate is the classic fitted version with the spring axis above the gate leaf. The gate opens at right angles.
    Standard fitting
  • In high ceilings rooms, it is advisable to use vertical and raised hardware for industrial sectional doors.
    Elevated fitting with upper shaft Elevated fitting with lower shaft Vertical fitting with upper shaft
    Vertical fitting with lower shaft    
  • In the case of a tent roof, roof tracking gates are an ideal solution. The inclination is in the range of 5 to 45 °.
    Roof tracking fitting Low roof tracer bridge Elevated roof tracking fitting with upper shaft
    Elevated roof tracking fitting with lower shaft    
  • For low bridges, a low bridging fitting is optimal.
    Low bridging fitting
For large gates, a two-axis balancing system consisting of two synchronous rotary axes can be used. In this case, all types of hardware other than the low bridging hardware can be used.

For detailed information on the different types of ProPlus industrial gate hardware, see "Structure Description and Specifications for ProPlus Industrial Sectional Door Hardware".

Panel types

ProPlus type doors are characterized by good thermal and acoustic insulation, excellent stability and perfect aesthetics. These properties are provided by the 45 mm thick sandwich panels. They have a microwave or densely ribbed pattern and can be coated in any color of the RAL color palette.

Texture variants of ProPlus industrial door panels:​
  • Microwave. The panels have a grooved surface and woodgrain pattern. The efficient combination of pattern and texture makes minor surface imperfections caused by the use of gates almost invisible.
  • Thick ribs (S-rib distance). The horizontal stripes are evenly distributed on the gate leaf at a distance of 125 mm and the joints between the panels are almost invisible. This combination, combined with the woodgrain texture, provides an aesthetic and timeless design.
Picture Microwave S-rib distance
white (RAL 9016) Panel
+ +
brown (RAL 8014) + +
silver metal (RAL 9006) + +
chocolate (RAL 8017) + +
grey anthracite (RAL 7016) + +
green moss (RAL 6005)  + +
blue (RAL 5010) + +
magenta (RAL 3004) + +
bone color (RAL 1015) + +
anthracite (ADS 703) + +

Gate panels on the inside are light gray (similar to RAL 9002), S-ribbed and woodgrain texture.

In addition to the standard colors, panels can be coated from the outside and inside with all shades of the RAL palette. This allows a harmonious combination of the gate with the other facade elements.


Good thermal insulation​
The gates are made of 45 mm thick energy-efficient sandwich panels and can be compared to a 600 mm thick masonry in terms of thermal physical properties. The heat transfer coefficient is 0.61 W / (m2K)

The sandwich panel is filled with freon-free foamed polyurethane. It is very good heat insulation and environmentally friendly.
Polymer rubber-based special EPDM rubber seals, which are located between the panels and around the gate, are wind- and vapor-tight and retain high mechanical strength and flexibility at low temperatures.

Stability and long lifetime
The panels are protected by multiple coatings against corrosion. The steel strap is coated with a thick zinc coating. Finally, a primer and a decorative polyurethane coating (PUR-PA) are applied.
Durable polyurethane coating (PUR-PA).​
Unlike conventional paint coatings used by most manufacturers, we use a decorative polyurethane coating (PUR-PA), which is more resistant to minor mechanical damage, retains its aesthetic appearance when exposed to temperature and humidity, and is resistant to detergents and chemicals.

The unique construction of the sandwich panels.
The top and bottom steel sheets of the sandwich panels are interconnected. In this way, there is no panel layering even under shock loading or in intense sunlight. Intermediate hinges are secured at the joints of the plates and thus through all four layers of metal, which provides excellent bonding.

Polymer coated zinc hardware is installed on the sides of the panels. Intermediate hinges and angles for ProPlus gates are made of stainless steel.
The minimum lifetime of the springs is 25,000 cycles and can be increased to 100,000 cycles.

The gates meet the requirements of EU safety standards: EN12604, EN13241, EN12453. Stable, safe and durable: ProPlus doors are characterized by high operational reliability. This is ensured by various design solutions:
  • The structure of the panels prevents pinching of fingers from both inside and outside.
  • The components have no sharp edges and the rope is positioned between the gates corners and the gate leaf, providing reliable protection against catching and cutting injuries.
  • Optical sensors provide protection against jamming: when the gate hits the smallest obstacle, it stops immediately and moves back a bit. When opening the gate, this system prevents people from being lifted.
  • In the event of a power failure, you can switch to manual operation. In this way, the gate can be opened in any emergency.
  • Special safety devices are designed in the structure. In the event of a spring break, they block the shaft and prevent the gate from falling. These structures are integrated into all torsion springs and are standard on the gate.
  • The standard equipment of the gate includes a safety system to prevent the gate from falling in the event of a rope break.


Automatic control of industrial gates​
For the automation of ProPlus industrial gates, an electric drive is usually used, which is mounted on the gate shaft. These drives are also suitable for rooms that are not heated or exposed to high humidity. Automated gates can be easily operated by push button or remote control. Accessories include induction frames, traffic lights, light barriers, optical sensors, etc. can I get.

More entrance
Built-in access door.  A built-in walk-in door allows you to enter or leave the room without having to move the entire gate leaf. A reinforced casing lock ensures your safety. When the access door is open, a special sensor switches off the electric drive, which prevents damage to the door leaf or objects under the door leaf. Günther Tore Systems recommends passage doors with heights of 20 mm, 100 mm and 145 mm.
Built-in access door.
A built-in walk-in door allows you to enter or leave the room without having to move the entire gate leaf. A reinforced casing lock ensures your safety. When the access door is open, a special sensor switches off the electric drive, which prevents damage to the door leaf or objects under the door leaf. Günther Tore Systems recommends passage doors with heights of 20 mm, 100 mm and 145 mm.

Gate glazing
Windows built into the door leaf provide daylight penetration into the buildings and visibility of the area in front of the entrance. The windows of ProPlus sectional doors differ in shape, type of glass and color. With a wide selection, you can choose according to your needs.

Split-frame glazing​
Split-framed panels add a touch of uniqueness to the gate and add daylight to the room. Depending on the requirements for thermal insulation properties, ProPlus type gates use thermal bridges or thermal bridges with split-frame panels. The glazing can be single, double or triple glazing.

Ventilation grilles
For natural ventilation of the room, black and white ventilation grilles can be installed in the ProPlus type doors. The grilles can also be equipped with mosquito nets and the possibility of closing the ventilation openings.

Gate locking system
The door is securely closed manually by a lock that is easy to install and looks great from the outside.

Set for high humidity rooms​
When installing industrial gates in high humidity rooms, we recommend a special kit consisting of coated springs and rails, and accessories made of stainless steel. This ensures attractive operation and smooth operation for many years under extremely heavy loads.
Burglar protection​
A special anti-lift safety system blocks the gate leaf and prevents unauthorized opening of the gate.