CLASSIC torsion spring sectional garage gate, garage door

Product description
Classic type garage doors are truly classic in the true sense of the word. They combine the best features of "sectional gates" while retaining their uniqueness.

Classic garage doors features:​
  • The gate comes in different sizes and is therefore particularly suitable for double garages. Gate height max. 3085 mm, width max. 6000 mm.
  • The spring mechanism (torsion spring) balances the weight of the gate so that it can be opened and closed by hand effortlessly.
  • The standard version of the gate is equipped with a safety device against falling of the gate leaf in the event of a spring break.
  • There are different types of fittings to choose from: high fittings (minimum bridging height 900 mm), standard fittings (bridging height 210 mm) and low bridging fittings (min. Height 100 mm). Unique solutions are available for garages with elevated hardware and rooms without span bridges.
  • The accessories are made of stainless and corrosion-resistant steel so that the gate retains its functionality and perfect appearance for many years.

Fitting types

For optimum use of the garage interior, the appropriate hardware type must be selected and defined for sectional doors.

The most important parameters for choosing the appropriate hardware type are the span height (H), the side distances (Sr / Sl) and the gate insertion depth inwards (ET).

To install garage doors, the bridging height must be at least 100 mm and the lateral distances must be at least 140 mm.

The three types of Classic gates are well suited to each garage and offer unique solutions:
The standard fitting for the gate is the conventional fitted version with the spring shaft above the gate leaf. The gate opens at right angles. The min. bridging height 210 mm.
The low bridging fitting is designed for bridges of at least 100 mm.
Elevated hardware is usually used for gate construction in high-rise garages. The min. bridging height 900 mm.

For garages that have no lateral spacing and span, where the opening covers the entire wall, a unique solution - the integrated frame element - is available.

For detailed information on Classic Garage Door Fitting, see the "Structural and Technical Specifications for Classic and Standard Garage Door Hardware".

Panel types

Classic gate is both energy efficient and unique. Classic doors are made of 45 mm thick energy-efficient panels. You can decide on the design and choose the combination of surfaces and colors that match the architectural style of your house.

The clean form and the grooved surface make the gate a harmonious element of any architectural ensemble.

S-rib distance.
The horizontal stripes are evenly distributed on the gate leaf at a distance of 125 mm, which makes the connection points of the sections invisible. The gates harmonize well with different house styles.

М-rib distance.
The panel has a horizontally centered rib. Excellent solution for modern and high tech buildings.

L-rib distance.
Each panel has a discreet ribbing to close the panel. This solution fits perfectly into the facades of modern buildings.

Classic surface for gates of houses built in traditional style.

For lovers of natural colors, woody hues can be particularly attractive: golden oak, dark oak or cherry - natural design combines the advantages of a steel structure. These gates are extremely effective due to their smooth texture.
Golden Oak Dark Oak Cherry
Picture Micro ribbed S-rib M-rib L-rib Cassette
(RAL 9016)
+ + +/+ +/+ +
(RAL 8014)
+ + + + +
silver metl
(RAL 9006)
+ +      
(RAL 8017)
+ +      
grey anthracite
(RAL 7016)
+ + + +  
green moss
(RAL 6005) 
+ +      
(RAL 5010)
+ +      
(RAL 3004)
+ +      
(RAL 1015)
+ +      
(ADS 703)
+ +   +  
golden oak   + + + +
dark oak   + + + +
cherry   + + + +

+ Panel pattern: woodgrain 
+ Panelek mintázata: sima

Inside, all panels are S-ribbed, woodgrain and white-gray (similar to RAL 9002). All textures in the sections can be coated from the outside and inside with all shades of the RAL palette.


Sectional garage doors have excellent thermal physical properties:​
  • The gates are made of 45 mm thick energy-efficient sandwich panels and can be compared to a 600 mm thick masonry in terms of thermal physical properties. The U value is 1.1 m²K / W;
  • The sandwich panel is filled with foamed CFC-free rigid polyurethane foam. It is very good insulating and environmentally friendly;
  • The special EPDM insulating rubber, which is located between the panels and around the gate, is wind and moisture proof and retains their high mechanical strength and elasticity even at low temperatures;
  • Double lip seals are used to insulate the upper and side gate sections, which provides good thermal insulation and protects the room from moisture penetration.

Stybility and long lifetime

Alutech gates are protected by multiple coatings against corrosion. The steel strap used to make the sandwich panels is coated with a thick zinc coating and a polyurethane coating (PUR-PA coating).

Durable polyurethane coating (PUR-PA). Contrary to the usual paint coating used by most manufacturers, we use a decorative polyurethane coating (PUR-PA). The PUR-PA coating is more resistant to minor mechanical damage, retains its aesthetic appearance against temperature fluctuations and humidity, and is resistant to detergents and chemicals.
The unique construction of the sandwich panels:
The upper and inner steel sheets of the sandwich panels are interconnected. In this way, even in strong sunlight, sections are not layered, which is particularly important for gates in southern countries and on the south side of buildings. Intermediate hinges are secured at the joints of the plates and thus through all four layers of metal, which provides excellent bonding.
This gives the anchorage even greater stability. The secure connection of the steel plates prevents the panels from being stratified in the event of a sudden fall and shock loading of the gate. Intermediate hinges and angles of Classic type gates are made of stainless steel with excellent corrosion protection.

Intermediate hinges and angles of Classic type gates are made of stainless steel with excellent corrosion protection.
The spring mechanism:
The weight of the door leaf is designed for 25,000 cycles. This lifetime guarantees the smooth operation of the gate for more than 17 years (several times daily opening and closing).


Carefully tested security systems ensure your safety:​
  • The structure of the gate panels makes it impossible to pinch the fingers from the outside as well as from the inside.
  • The components have no sharp edges and a rope is placed between the gates and the gate leaf, providing reliable protection against trapping and cutting injuries. In the event of a spring break, the shaft is blocked to prevent the gate from falling.
  • Optical sensors protect against pinching: when the gate hits the smallest obstacle, it stops immediately and moves back a bit
  • Optionally, a mechanism for bypassing the drive can be incorporated, allowing manual operation of the gate.


Manual and automatic operation of garage doors​
According to your needs, a separate block can be designed on the inside of the gate for convenient manual operation. Opening and closing is effected by means of a rope which passes through the block and is secured to the lower panel of the gate leaf.

If you like automatic operation, there are a few number of accessories to choose from, such as ceiling mounted drivers, remote controls, photocells, control panels, traffic lights and more.

We recommend ROGER TECHNOLOGY products, which, based on many years of experience, provide a reliable, safe and high quality service.

Additional garage entrance​
A built-in walk-in door usually extends the duration of the gate, reduces heating costs and maintains a comfortable room temperature. The walk-in door is available on request in three variants:

  • With standard threshold, 145 mm high
  • With a low threshold, 100 mm high
  • With flat threshold, 20 mm high

Side doors with optional sandwich panels are available for classic garage doors. The gate and the door have a similar design, which ensures the perfect harmony of the elements and the aesthetic style of the entire facade.

Gate glazing
Windows provide natural light and transparency in the garage; There are different shapes, colors and types of glasses to choose from. Decorative plastic inserts - in cross or sunlight form - are also available.
Different shapes

Ventillation grilles
Ventilation grilles provide fresh air supply and a comfortable microclimate in the garage. Ventilation grilles are available in the most popular colors - black and white.

Ventilation grilles with mosquito nets and ventilation holes provide a functional solution. Available in white and black.

Lock systems

We recommend ordering a special key to secure the garage doors securely, which allows them to be opened and closed from the outside and inside. For automatic gates, we recommend ordering a rope, in addition to the key, to bypass the electric drive, which allows you to manually open the gate in the event of a power failure.

Set for high humidity rooms​
When using the Classic type gate in waterfront and wet climates, we recommend a special kit consisting of coated springs and rails, and standard stainless steel equipment. Thus, the attractive appearance and smooth operation are guaranteed for many years.