Aluminum split-frame sectional doors of the AluTherm type

Product description
For an object that needs to combine transparency and thermal insulation, the AluTherm aluminum split-frame sectional door is the optimum solution.
The AluTherm gate has the following properties:​
  • Excellent thermal insulation: AluTherm gates have 40% higher thermal insulation than heat-sealed aluminum-window panel gates, thus significantly reducing heating costs. This is provided by a special system of heat-bridged aluminum profiles. The heat transfer coefficient is 3.45 W / (m2K)
  • Multiple applications: The maximum gate size is 7000 x 6000 mm
  • Large selection of sections to fill. Gates are available in acrylic or composite fill. The fill and aluminum sections are available in different colors.
  • Guaranteed safety: the standard version of the gate is equipped with a safety device to prevent the door leaf from falling in the event of a spring break or rope break.
  • Long service life under intense stress: The minimum service life of springs can be increased to 25,000 cycles and up to 100,000 cycles.
  • Various designs: The location and number of illuminated windows can be individually modified at no extra cost.
    AluTherm gate with 2 illuminated windows (standard partition) AluTherm type gate with 4 illuminated windows (multiple vertical illuminated windows) AluTherm type gate with 1 illuminated window (less vertical illuminated windows)
    AluTherm gate without vertical illuminated window (gate width up to 3000 mm)    

Fitting types

The wide range of AluTherm gate fitting types allows us to take into account the structural features of each room:
  • Standard gate hardware - the most common type - for optimum 410 mm spans
  • Low bridging fitting for low ceiling spaces
    Standard installation Low bridging fitting
  • The vertical and elevated gate types of the gate allow maximum work space in rooms with high ceilings.
    Elevated hardware with upper shaft
    Reinforced fitting with lower shaft
    Vertical fitting with upper shaft
    Vertical fitting with lower shaft    
  • Roof-tracking fitting allows the gate to move under a ceiling that runs at an angle of 5-45 °.
    Roof-tracking fitting
    Low roof tracer bridge
    Elevated roof tracking fitting with upper shaft
    Elevated roof tracking fitting with lower shaft    
In the case of large gates, a door balancing system consisting of two spring shafts can be used. To do this - on the low bridging hardware and / or. with the exception of the low roof trap bracket hardware - all types of hardware can be used. Detailed information on the application of AluTherm gates can be found in the technical documentation.

Panel types

AluTherm gates in the door leaf can be combined with aluminum window sections and sandwich panels. Ideal merging of special sections is possible.
The AluTherm gate is characterized by its harmonious design. The same height and width of the aluminum window sections ensure perfect proportion of shapes. However, the main feature of the gate is the energy saving. Good thermal insulation data for aluminum window sectional doors can be achieved by using profiles that provide thermal separation between external and internal surfaces.

AluTherm aluminum sectional-framed sectional doors are available in four favorite colors:

RAL 5010 - blue; RAL 9016 - white, RAL 8014 - brown; RAL9006 - silver metal. Microwave or S-ribbed and woodgrain pattern sandwich panels can be used for AluTherm gates.

Fill-in versions of sections with aluminum frames

AluTherm gates for aluminum window panels have the following fill variants:​
  • Transparent acrylic inserts. The proven double acrylic inserts have proven to be effective in many objects. For better thermal insulation we recommend triple acrylic glazing.
  • Aluminum composite panels Composite inserts (alternative inserts) consist of two aluminum sheets filled with insulating material. Aluminum split-framed AluTherm gates use 26 mm composite inserts. They have a stucco pattern and are available in all colors of the RAL color palette.


The thermal insulation properties of AluTherm type doors are 40% higher than those of standard aluminum window sectional doors. Excellent construction results from a few of technological solutions:
  • Aluminum profiles are heatbridge-free.
  • There is EPDM insulation around the gates and between the panels.
  • The potential triple glazing reduces heat loss by 16%.
  • Combined door leaf gates are equipped with 45 mm thick energy-efficient sandwich panels. The thermal insulation of these panels can be compared to a 60 mm thick brick wall.

Corrosion protection
The environment of industrial gates is usually subject to severe stress. Therefore, AluTherm gates are equipped with additional corrosion protection:
  • As standard, the middle hinges and intermediate angles are made of stainless steel.
  • Aluminum window sectional doors are made of powder-coated aluminum profiles.
  • The sandwich panels in the combined gate are coated with a layer of zinc and a layer of polyurethane, which is resistant to scratches and impacts caused by mechanical forces, has good temperature and humidity fluctuation, has high strength and elasticity coefficient and has excellent corrosion protection.

Security and Stability
Aluminum window sectional doors are frequently used every day. Therefore, the minimum spring duration is 25,000 cycles. Depending on the purpose of the object, the duration can be increased to 35,000, 50,000, 75,000, or 100,000 cycles as required. The central hinges have the shape of a "curved plate" which links the sections of the gate and withstands a tensile load of 715 kg.

We strive not only for your comfort but also for your safety. That's why AluTherm aluminum window sectional doors are equipped with a complex security system:
  • The standard rope break safety stop stops the door leaf from moving in the event of a spring break or rope break.
  • The structure of the panels prevents pinching from the outside and also inside too.
  • Optical sensors provide protection against jamming: when the gate hits the smallest obstacle, it stops immediately and moves back a bit.
  • Induction protection prevents people from being lifted. In this case the gate stops automatically.
  • In the event of a power failure, the gate can be set to manual operation.


Automatic control of industrial gates
The AluTherm gate can be easily opened by hand, since the weight of the gate leaf is balanced by a spring mechanism. The automatic drive provides maximum comfort and safety.

We prefer electric drives that are placed on the gate axis. Other accessories optimize the functionality of the automatic gate: opto-sensors, traffic lights, control panels and remote controls.

There are special solutions for rooms without heating or high humidity.

Ventilation grilles
The AluTherm door, which is made of a combination of aluminum window sections and sandwich panels, can be equipped with ventilation grilles. These come in two most popular colors, white and black, and are equipped with mosquito nets.

Set for high humidity rooms
In rooms with high humidity, a special kit provides additional protection against corrosion. It consists of powder-coated rails and springs, stainless steel accessories and fastening connections and increases the service life of the gate.

Burglar protection​
There are different locking systems for burglary protection. The manually operated AluTherm gate with the combined gate plate can be fitted with a cylinder lock. In the case of automated gates, the lift fuse prevents the gate from being violently broken.