AluPro sectional sectional doors

Product description
The AluPro-type split-frame sectional doors combine all the important features of the sectional doors with the latest trends: superior functionality, wider dimensions, varied color palette. AluPro doors are made of high-quality heat-resistant aluminum profiles. The gates meet the latest requirements for stability, durability and design, while providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Special features of the AluPro sectional doors:​
  • Panels of the AluPro sectional doors are made of heat-resistant aluminum profiles. Gate thermal conductivity 4.54 W / (m2K)A kapu szélessége max. 7000 mm, magassága max. 6000 mm
  • As standard, the doors are delivered with double acrylic glazing. Single glazing or composite panel filling is also possible
  • Standard version of the gate is equipped with a safety device against falling of the gate leaf in case of spring break or rope breakage
  • The minimum service life can be increased to 25,000 cycles and up to 100,000 cycles.
  • Many additional options and accessories are available.
  • It is possible to adjust the amount and position of the vertical illuminated windows for maximum transparency of the gate or to combine it with other facade elements:
AluPro type gates with 2 illuminated windows (standard partition) AluPro type gates with 4 illuminated windows (several vertical illuminated windows) AluPro type gates with one illuminated window (fewer vertical illuminated windows)
AluPro type gates without vertical illuminated window (gate width up to 3000 mm)    

Fitting types

The type of fitting for sectional doors is the possibility of arranging the rails and torsion springs, depending on the parameters of the room and the opening. The various Günther gate designs allow you to take into account the special features of different rooms and optimize gate solutions:

  • The standard fitting for the gate is the classic fitted version with the spring axis above the gate leaf. The gate opens at right angles.
  • For low bridges, a low bridging fitting is optimal
    Standard installing Low bridging fitting
  • For high ceilings, vertical and high fitting types are recommended
    Elevated fitting with upper shaft Reinforced fitting with lower shaft Vertical fitting with upper shaft
    Vertical fitting with lower shaft    
  • The roof tracking hardware is perfect for a tent roof. The tilt range is between 5 and 45° 
    Roof tracking fitting Low roof tracer bridge Elevated roof tracking fitting with upper shaft
    Elevated roof tracking fitting with lower shaft    
Combining different types of fitting with a two-axis balancing system also offers many gate installation solutions. In this case, the appropriate hardware type is combined with two interconnected torsion shafts and torsion springs, which ensure balancing of the gate leaf of large gates. Detailed information on the fitting types can be found in the "Structural description and specifications for the installation of ProPlus type industrial sectional doors" (instructions).

Panel types

Thanks to its sophisticated construction and elegant design, the AluPro-type sectional-framed sectional doors can be used in many applications. In the door leaf, the split-frame sections can be combined with sandwich panels, which can be woodgrain and microwave or S-ribbed. The section fields have the same height and width, which gives the structure a particularly harmonious and elegant appearance.

Extruded thermal aluminum profiles are used in the production of split-frame sections:
The special shape of the panels provides protection against pinching from the inside and outside of the gate.

AluPro doors are available in a wide range of standard colors and are available in all colors of the RAL color palette.
Divided-frame sections and sandwich panels of different colors and shades can be combined to emphasize the exterior architecture of the building.

Fill-in versions of split-frame sections

In the AluPro type gate, two different materials can be used to fill the split-frame sections:
  • Transparent acrylic inserts. Acrylic is extremely durable, retains its transparency for many years and thus provides attractive room visibility. As standard, the doors are delivered with double acrylic glazing - a practical and universal version. Single glazing is also possible.
  • Aluminum Composite Panels. These types of panels can be coated in all colors of the RAL palette.
There are two types of composite panels in the assortment, which differ in thickness and surface pattern:
  • 26 mm thick composite panel. Exterior and interior with stucco pattern. This panel can be used to fill split-frame sections in combination with double acrylic glazing, delivering advantageous and unique design ideas.
  • a 3mm thick, smooth-patterned composite panel with simple glazing enhances the expediency of split-frame sectional doors and diversifies the facade.


Countless design options​
The unique design of the AluPro gate emphasizes the style of your property. The choice of the number of illuminated windows, the variety of fillings and the unique color solutions allow for a perfect design.

Corrosion protection
The AluPro type double-sectional sectional doors are made of powder-coated aluminum profiles. Intermediate hinges and angular steels are made of stainless steel and provide an attractive appearance as well as the smooth operation of all elements throughout their life.

Openings insulation
Flexible rubber seals around the gate and between sections prevent dirt and dust from entering rooms, protect against draft and provide good thermal insulation.

Durability and stability
Intermediate hinges have a unique "curved plate" shape, which allows each hinge to withstand a tensile load of 715 kg. The minimum duration of the springs is 25,000 cycles and can be increased to 50,000, 75,000 and 100,000 cycles depending on the intended operating intensity.

  • Gate panels provide protection against pinching of fingers from both inside and outside of the gate
  • Standard version of the gate is equipped with a safety device against falling of the gate leaf in case of spring break or rope breakage
  • The tow ropes have six times the tensile strength.
  • Optical sensors provide protection against jamming: when the gate hits the smallest obstacle, it stops immediately and moves back a bit. When opening the gate, this system prevents people from being lifted
  • In the event of a power failure, you can switch to manual operation. In this way, the gate can be opened in any emergency

Günther gates meet the requirements of EU safety standards EN 12604 and EN 12453.


Automatic and manual operation of industrial gates​
AluPro gates can be opened easily by hand - the weight of the gate leaf is counterbalanced by the spring mechanism. Therefore, we also offer manual gates. At the same time, various automatic systems guarantee maximum comfort and safety.

Automated split-frame sectional Günther gates utilize secure, high-power electric drives that are mounted directly on the gate axis.

A wide range of accessories is available: Traffic lights, remote controls, traffic lights, optical sensors, etc. - Depending on the customer's wishes and capabilities

More entrance
A built-in walk-in door allows you to enter or leave the room without having to move the entire gate leaf. This increases not only the handling but also the service life of the gate. Standard equipment includes a transmitter for both automatic and manual gates. It is also possible to install a side door, the color and design of which can be selected to fit the gate.

Ventilation grilles
Sandwich panels with ventilation grilles can be installed in the door leaf of AluPro type gates. The grilles can be equipped with mosquito nets and the possibility of closing the ventilation openings.

Set for high humidity rooms​
This kit provides additional protection against corrosion and extends the service life of AluPro gates. The range includes colored rails, springs and fasteners, and stainless steel accessories. This option is recommended for gates for car washes and high humidity rooms.

Burglar protection
A special anti-lift safety system blocks the gate leaf and prevents unauthorized opening of the gate.