Gates with split-frame structure

Multi-frame sectional doors provide clarity of layout and natural illumination of rooms. Ideal for car showrooms, car repair shops, fire brigades, car washes and other industrial facilities. Ideal for showrooms and storefronts, as they allow for a productive display.

Alutech split-frame panels are made of light-transmitting acrylic insert extruded aluminum profiles.

Alutech Sectional Doors with Sectional Frame Features:
  • There are four door types to choose from, which differ in their aesthetic and thermal insulation properties. The AluPro and 909 gates offer high functionality, the AluTherm gates have excellent thermal insulation properties and the AluLine gates have a brilliant elegance.
    Gate properties AluPro
    type gate
    type gate
    type gate
    type gate
    Material of the sections Heat
    heat bridged
    Heat bridged
    aluminium profil
    with less 
    visible part
    Heat birdged
    Thermal conductivity factor W/(m2K)* 4,54 3,45 4,35 4,0
    Gate max. width 7000 mm 7000 mm 5000 mm 8000 mm
    Gate max. height 6000 mm 6000 mm 6000 mm 7500 mm
    Thickness of double glazing 26 mm 26 mm 22 mm 16 mm
    Possibility of adjusting the access door nincs nincs nincs nincs
  • Variety of section filling: Acrylic inserts, composite panels, aluminum grilles, etc.
  • Possibility to combine split-frame sections and sandwich panels in the door leaf. Different types of panels can be combined thanks to the same thickness (45 mm). The special shape of the top ends guarantees a secure fit of panels and eliminates the possibility of pinching.
  • The wide variety of versions (10 types) allows the installation of split-frame sectional doors in openings of various capacities - low bridges, high ceilings or slanted roofs.
  • Corrosion protection materials and components ensure the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the gates in the long run.
They fully meet the requirements of European standards for the safety of goods. The gates have a complex mechanism that prevents the gate leaf from falling and provides protection against trapping, cutting injuries and pinching of the fingers.